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Dear Readers,

(Editor’s Letter)-As we step into the month of May, 2020, we are stepping into very challenging and pressing times as well. As the world battles the CoVvid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, several measures have been taken by the Government of India and the local administration, to keep the effects of the pandemic in check. However, the deaths taking place during this time, have been rather unfortunate and the loss suffered, irreplaceable. All of us thus need to fight through these challenging times, and look to rebuild our lives like never before.

Editor's Letter with wrik
Wrik Sen (Editor in Chief) Budding Beats India

During the months of March and April 2020, when the CoVvid-19 pandemic raised it’s destructive head in India, apart from the obvious health concerns, the economic front has been a major concern. Job losses for a huge population of manual laborers, and blue-collar workers have gone on to unprecedented levels, with some reports estimating approximately 100 million jobs across sectors being lost during this time. Sectors like jewelry, hospitality & tourism, IT services, retail, exports, and several others, are estimated to suffer job losses running into millions, due to employers having to shut up, especially the MSME sector. During such hard times, it is only optimism, perseverance, patience, and innovation, which can help our country and the world to revive its growth trajectory once again, and make leading all our lives easier.

We, at the Budding Beats, bring to you, chronicles of entrepreneurs from young and innovative enterprises, across verticals, whose success go beyond financial parameters, and are impactful in the social sphere as well. Not just money, but long term social growth and development have been a part of their working DNA, as we shall see. Through this new endeavour dear readers, we aim to gain your trust as a source of information, idea, and hope for a better future.

Wrik Sen
Editor-in-Chief, Budding Beats